let's do it all again

hello. i'm Alex.
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john fucking dwyer

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Mikal Cronin,

Here’s pictures of people more attractive than you fucking

Here are your favorite celebrities being charming

Here’s the idea of liking food more than people

Here’s a little reminder of your childhood

Here’s a small animal falling asleep

Here’s an issue you’re probably ignoring

Here’s a video of me singing a song

Here’s a beautifully decorated room

Here’s how much people are liking your content

Here’s the number of posts you missed just now

Here’s a distraction from yourself

Here’s examples of what you aren’t

Here’s a long one, you have to keep scrolling to get to the end

Here’s that one you’ve seen a bunch already

Here’s your inability to just be cool about it, dude

See you tomorrow

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Ty Segall,

Feel the creeps in the sky 

New tumblr rule; if you are white you only get to reblog a post about white privilege (and therefore prove that you ‘get it’) once a week!

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T. Rex,
Electric Warrior

You got a hubcap diamond star halo

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Thee Oh Sees,

A guy on youtube commented that he got in a car accident while this song was playing. How perfect. 

How to St. Vincent

My plane is stuck on the runway but I have Ram on my phone, so it’s cool.

I bought an airport shot glass for the baby whiskeys I brought with me, because prefer a wide-mouth drinking experience.

I don’t need to pretend to be a giant to feel good about myself. I’m an ADULT.

If you find that I’ve stopped following your blog, ask yourself “did I like the movie Guardians of the Galaxy?”