let's do it all again

hello. i'm Alex.
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Thee Oh Sees,

A guy on youtube commented that he got in a car accident while this song was playing. How perfect. 

How to St. Vincent

My plane is stuck on the runway but I have Ram on my phone, so it’s cool.

I bought an airport shot glass for the baby whiskeys I brought with me, because prefer a wide-mouth drinking experience.

I don’t need to pretend to be a giant to feel good about myself. I’m an ADULT.

If you find that I’ve stopped following your blog, ask yourself “did I like the movie Guardians of the Galaxy?” 

He’s gonna make a movie of his entire life. He wants to figure how to do it right. 

Oh yeah

got a brand new baby

Life is long when you’re lonely 

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Bangers vs. Fuckers

One of my favorite laughs of DCM16 - I can’t remember what set it was, but it was at the Chelsea theatre and packed with funny people. Halfway through the set, a huge laugh erupts from backstage and about ten seconds later, Anthony Atamanuik appeared through the curtains doing a walk on as a new character. 

It took me a few seconds to realize he had gone around the theatre, through the green room, to get to the stage and make his move. In that amount of time he must’ve said something that killed the entire backstage. I will never know what he said. It was great. 

Will always wear it as a badge of honor that I am a person capable of ending a podcast with a single appearance. 

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